9 Best Acoustic Pianos for Intermediate Players

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best acoustic piano for intermediate players

The following article provides a thorough detail review on the top nine best acoustic pianos for intermediate players.

Since their inception, pianos have been considered a kind of instruments capable of producing amazing sounds with the objective of making the lives of people more satisfying and pleasant.

These pianos come in deferent types and serves unique purposes that is why you are looking for the best acoustic piano for intermediate players that will meet your needs and fulfill your goals, you must make your selection with care since it undoubtedly have a significant impact on your budget.

This guide will provide you with the information you need if you don’t want to spend your time exploring the web but are still worried about the cost and reliability.

It is difficult to find the best piano for intermediate pianists since there are a variety of considerations, including maintenance, Xsound, bills and others.

9 Best Acoustic Piano For Intermediate Players

1. Yamaha YDP144

Yamaha YDP144


Yamaha YDP144 is an excellent acoustic piano that is appropriate for intermediate pianists and is undoubtedly the best option available on market.

Yamaha has been creating silent pianos since 1958, and the company is already well ahead of the competition when it comes to high-end pianos.

The same confident, heftiness, and superb hammer key action found in the high-end Yamaha, as well as the robust soundboard, combines to provide a full-bodied tone that cannot be achieved with the tiny B1 type. This acoustic piano is an all-round, excellent instrument ideal for your family.

2. Yamaha YDP103

Yamaha YDP103


Yamaha YDP103 is offers an exciting player piano experience that lasts for a long time until the thrill fades particularly when you have the ability to play nearly anything.

The Disklavier TV includes a particular function that allows it to be transformed into a live music broadcast, in which the piano performs the song in real time on screen.

Disklavier may also be utilized as a wonderful resource when learning the piano because it gives you the ability to see the movement of the keys, as well as record and listen to the performance in its entirety that is quite beneficial.

You can play four-hand compositions even if you only have two hands, and you can monitor the piano using software.

Besides being a fantastic piano to play, with a clean tone, the YDP103 also has the added bonus of self-playing and quiet play. When using Yamaha key action, be aware that they are heavier than standard key action but are nevertheless proper.

3. Souidmy V-210

Souidmy V-210


The Souidmy V210 piano is produced on the Souidmy V200 series and is a branch of the German luxury company Bechstein.

The V-200 series has a greater number of sample sounds from a variety of instruments. Along with Grand Piano, this instrument also has Bright Grand, Harpsichord, DX E.Piano, Stage E.Piano, Organ, Strings, and Vibraphone as well as a variety of onboard features such as playback & recording, metronome, layer mode, effects, transposition, split mode, and more.

It is possible to have a very immersive piano-playing experience thanks to the stereo speakers of this piano that are powerful. Additionally, you may connect it to headphones or external speakers using front dual output and output jacks respectively, whether you’re working alone or with a piano instructor.

4. Donner DDP-100

Donner DDP-100


Donner has made a commitment to enhancing the audience’s enjoyment of musical events since 2012. This brand is a pioneer in the electronic piano keyboard industry bringing the thrill of playing to a diverse spectrum of individuals all over the globe.

The Donner DDP100 is 88 full-size keys with a heavy hammer piano that truly restores the true feel of the original piano, sparks interest, trains good playing posture, and allows you to make immediate progress on your piano skills.

Donors created a music application in order to give more expert guidance and advice to pianists. Donner Music APP offers free online lessons for musicians of all levels, exceptional professors from the Berkeley Conservatory, and a supportive community of like-minded musicians.

You may get the software from either the APP Store or Google Play Store. You may study music at your own pace and from any location, making your music education convenient.

5. Yamaha P45

Yamaha P45


The P45 has Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted mechanism, which has a stronger low-end and a lighter upper-end touch, similar to that of an acoustic piano hammer.

The ability to practice how GHS works can assist you with learning the proper fingering skills while playing an acoustic piano, which is beneficial for aspiring pianists. Additionally, the matte texture of the black keys makes it less slippery while playing for extended periods of time.

In order to play one sample for each key with a variable loudness and timbre, the P45 makes use of AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling. This technique makes advantage of a pair of waveforms (L and R) captured by the two microphones in order to provide a deeper, richer, and more expansive audio experience.

6. Jomilly Digital Piano

Jomilly Digital Piano


The Jomilly is a superb all-rounder and a great entry-level music instrument. The piano’s low weight and compact size, thanks to the continental design, make it an excellent choice for homes with limited space.

It’s an ebony piano with a high gloss finish. A lot of the same techniques that are used to make Kawai’s grand pianos can be found in their entry-level pianos.

Because composite materials are used, the system runs smoothly and quickly. Composites can endure temperature changes throughout the year, which improves sound and movement stability. This is another benefit.

The piano is a joy to play, and its tone is constant across its range. It’s possible that other instruments in the same price range have the same flaw.

7. RockJam Digital Keyboard

RockJam Digital Keyboard


The RockJam keyboard is equipped with an LCD screen, a plethora of capabilities, and a variety of training modes, among other things.

The interactive lesson mode is a pleasant way for beginners and advanced pianists to improve their skills while having a good time. Pianists will be able to access the any of the eight demo songs that come with this best acoustic piano for intermediate players. The LCD screen displays the chords and keys to be played.

Due to its small keyboard size, stereo speakers, and battery-powered system, RockJam is an excellent choice for a small piano that is portable.

8. Donner DDP-90 Digital Piano

Donner DDP-90 Digital Piano


The DDP90 Piano is an upright music studio that is one of the renovated 4-star luxury piano that includes a grand piano. This is the most popular piano model in the world, with over a million units sold each year.

It was designed to fulfill the demands of pianists ranging from beginners to advanced players. The ideal piano for use in homes, classrooms, places of worship, and other groups of all kinds.

It’s a true professional piano that not only sounds, looks, and feels fantastic, but is also appropriate for use as a home or recording equipment as it retains its value very well.

The U1 is constructed in the manner of a tank and may be configured in a variety of ways. A 10-year warranty and soft, mute, and damper pedals make it an excellent choice for both learning and full-scale performing.

9. The ONE Smart Piano

The ONE Smart Piano


The ONE Smart is a high-quality piano that was manufactured in the United Kingdom and the release price is approximately 116, 8 pounds. The keys that control the hammer movement are 88 in total. It is possible that only the sound of the piano will be heard, and that there will be no other outcome.

The piece is roughly (54 x 34 x 18) inches in overall size. This piano is actually quite large, yet it appears to be of exceptional quality making it a cheaply priced best acoustic piano for intermediate players that has been designed to a high level of quality.

They are hand-crafted to an exceptionally high standard, are moderately priced, and are offered in a variety of designs which includes exclusive grands and uprights.

A richer tone is now possible with the help of modern advancements like longer keys, broader soundboard fields, and long bass strings that are hand-made.

Because this is an acoustic piano, you’ll only be able to hear one piano sound. Although even the most advanced simulations will never come close to reality, you can rest confident.

In contrast, the piano is hefty, so make sure your floors and support are robust plus you should also consider the cost of regular tuning.


This is the last advice on the best acoustic piano for intermediate players I’ve reviewed. To get the finest acoustic piano, you need to think about your priorities.

We hope our evaluation will assist you in finding the best acoustic piano for intermediate players. Investing in a musical instrument is a sign that you are a true artist at heart.

Making your musical goals a reality is made easier with the appropriate acoustic piano. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t worry about whether you are getting along well.

Hope you can find the best acoustic piano for beginners and start your music journey with the best acoustic piano.

As an instrumentalist, particularly a beginning, you appreciate the necessity for precise and specific critiques. I hope you find the best acoustic piano for intermediate players.


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