8 Best Piano Benches for Bad Backs

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best piano bench for bad backs

Here are the 8 best piano bench for bad backs you are looking for. Continue reading to find them.

Every piano enables some type of personalization using any of the piano pedal, stands, lighting, music stands, and many more ornaments available at music supplies stores and shops across the globe. It is a sad reality that the ordinary individual pays little attention to the piano chairs.

This review and purchase guide shows why it’s necessary to spend as much time, effort and money as possible on a piano bench that is decent.

Continue reading to know what to watch out for, the best brands, and what is the best piano bench for bad backs for your requirements and budget.

What Is a Piano Bench and Why Do I Need One?

The piano bench is the bench seat that is normally located at the front of a keyboard or a piano. The pianist sits on the piano bench while playing the instrument. The quality of a piano bench may make a significant difference in both performance and comfort.

With an investment in the best piano bench for bad backs, you may not only improve the ergonomics of the area in which the piano is placed, but you can also enjoy spending time in front of beautiful wonderful instruments.

When learning to play Rachmaninoff’s Prelude on the C Sharp Minor or getting ready for the first performance of the Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert, it is necessary to put in some practice time.

Make it as comfy as possible. A nice piano bench will make practicing for long hours look like it only takes minutes, that is the very reason you need this piano bench.

Would you be interested in performing on a tour? Do you want to polish your skills as a rock musician and make a name for yourself?

If you have aspirations of becoming the lead guitarist for the 21st Century Rolling Stones, you should invest in a portable and adjustable piano bench that will allow you to travel to major concerts and festivals.

The necessity for a variety of piano seat is evident in each circumstance and each piano, as seen in the examples above.

Choosing the best piano bench for your needs is really crucial. The appropriate bench will enhance your posture, allow you to move your arms and hands freely (making it easier to read), and offer you with enough support to keep you playing for hours.

8 Best Piano Benches for Bad Backs




SONGMICS is a company that creates some of the finest adjustable hardwood piano benches on the market and the ULPB57H is one of the most expensive variants.

The most appealing feature of this piano bench is arguably the completely upholstered seat which looks like a cushion and has six ornamental buttons.

Also included are two side knobs, and a storage compartment underneath the seat, which allow the bench’s height to be adjusted to any value between 18.5 inches and 22.4 inches, among other features.

This specific model is one of the ULPB57H retail versions, which are available for less than $ 50 in the United States. It offers comfortable seats and storage compartments as well, but it makes more sense to spend a little extra money on a really nice product in this case.

When it comes to this product, faux leather of high quality, foot pads made of rubber, legs and frames made of wood, and the well-known SONGMICS certified seals are the greatest options available.

With its attractive packaging and extensive instructions and toolbox that come with this piano bench, this 20.35-pound product is a breeze to assemble.

2. Yamaha BB1 Piano Bench

Yamaha BB1 Piano Bench


Despite the fact that this Yamaha piano bench is by no means fancy, it does its job well. Although the seat’s height is not adjustable, the 19-inch seat height is common and suitable for the majority of pianists.

Because of its high-grade hardwood structure and cushioned black vinyl-covered sheet, it looks particularly beautiful when paired with a high-quality digital piano or a black grand or upright piano of similar quality.

Yamaha refers to this cover as having a “leather touch” to it. You could be under the impression that it is made of real leather.

To assist protect seats and upholstery from inevitable tear and wear, Yamaha designers have skillfully included air vents that have been placed strategically into the design.

This is an advantageous feature, particularly if you want to purchase the best piano bench for bad backs that is durable.

The Yamaha BB1 Piano Bench weighs just 10 pounds, is easy to assemble and can be moved from one location to another.

Hidrau Model (HM) a company located in Spain makes and designs these incredible piano benches which have been produced in Europe for many years.

Its uniqueness is shown by the fact that all of the consumers who evaluated this piano bench on Amazon gave it a perfect rating of 5-stars.

The Hydrau model bench is a state-of-the-art piece of furniture with a metal structure that holds a piano bench that can accommodate up to two people. This bench has a hydraulic system that can be readily and automatically changed without squeaking by using a lever to alter the valve pressure.

In a formal concert environment, complete and utter quiet is required. The chair is thus appropriate for a city hall or rural theater, or it may serve as an excellent bench for a grand piano, depending on the use.

Although HM advertises it as a duet piano bench, it is insufficiently spacious to accommodate at least two adult pianists. However, as a soloist, you will find it to be really comfortable, and you will appreciate the high-end European vinyl on which you will be sitting.

Despite the fact that it is pricey, this best piano bench for bad backs is quite comfy, stylish, and contemporary. Its design and build quality are both outstanding. Because of the hydraulic system of the finest technical caliber, this is the best piano bench for you.

3. Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Bench

Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Bench


The Yamaha PKBB1 is a cushioned and adjustable Amazon’s best-selling keyboard bench. With almost 2000 reviews giving this product a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, it’s simple to infer that this is a product that the majority of people like using and that has consistently high build quality.

Ultra-thick cushioning and extra-wide chairs are intended to provide the pianist with the most comfortable seating posture conceivable.

The steel Xframe legs include three height adjustment options: a low, a medium, and a high setting, which allows the legs to be adjusted between 19 and 21 inches in height. It offers a variety of height options that are ideal for almost all players.

It has an all-black finish and seems to be strong and long-lasting. These chairs have folding xtype legs that make them simple to store, and the black upholstered seats look fantastic and definitely seem to be more costly.

Pianists and keyboardists who travel often will appreciate how simple it is to fold and transport this best piano bench for bad backs. This is one of the lightest best piano benches for bad backs on the market, weighing just roughly 5 pounds in total.

4. On-Stage KT7800 Keyboard Bench

On-Stage KT7800 Keyboard Bench


The OnStage KT7800 and Yamaha PKBB1 are competitors that provide a great deal of challenge to one another in terms of sound quality. Many pianists choose the OnStage adjustable keyboard bench above its rivals, despite the fact that they are extremely identical in design.

Despite its weight of 8.82lbs, this keyboard bench is still rather lightweight, making it excellent for circumstances when you need to fold and go. It can be stored easily since it folds fully flat, using up little room in the process.

The sitting space is somewhat greater than that of the Yamaha, which is perhaps the most significant selling factor of this bench.

This is the greatest Xframe piano bench available for players who are heavy. It’s worth emphasizing that it has a weight capacity of 360 pounds, which means it can accommodate virtually everyone!

Using a spring-loaded double bar lock system, as well as a rubber end cap that do not slip, this bench is both secure and sturdy.

The stand features a 3-inch-thick padding that is sturdy enough, and you can adjust the height with four different settings.

5. CPS Adjustable Piano Stool

CPS Adjustable Piano Stool


A little more costly than other versions, CPS adjustable piano stools are worth the extra money in the end since you get value for your money.

This best piano bench for bad backs which is made entirely of stiff, robust, and tough adjusting mechanisms, is guaranteed to endure a lifetime under normal use.

The high-gloss ebony (black) finish on this piano bench provides a touch of panache and glitz. Imagine yourself together with Billy Joel at a piano bar toying with the keys!

The cushioning is complemented with a soft, comfy 14-inch synthetic leather seat that is free to rotate in any direction.

Assembling of this best piano bench for bad backs is not necessary, and the product weighs just 15lbs. As a result, it is a lightweight stool that is simple to move if from one place to another.

It’s small and can be easily pushed beneath the piano or keyboard since it takes up little space.

As its name says, this piano stool’s height may be changed anywhere between 16.5 inches and 23 inches, depending on your preference.

CPS offers an unconditional one-year guarantee against manufacturing and material flaws; thus, you will not have to worry.

6. Griffin Double Brown Leather Piano Bench

Griffin Double Brown Leather Piano Bench


Griffin is a modest brand with its headquarters in Tyler, Texas, in the United States.

Snare drums and drum accessories, as well as DJ speakers, DJ light stands, music studio equipment stands and other music and stage performance accessories have been the focus of the Griffin brand since its inception in 2011.

Griffin has the ideal product for you, whether you’re just getting started and searching for beginner DJ equipment or you’re a seasoned expert seeking for music recording equipment.

This best piano bench for bad backs with storage is a stunning addition to any room, thanks to its superbly carved solid wood frame and vivid mahogany-colored legs.

The soft upholstered seats are colored in a saddle brown color, and the hardwood legs and frame are finished in a flat dark finish to complement the upholstery. The brown hardwood piano bench with two storage seats is 29 inches in length and is well cushioned for comfort.

When the seat is folded and opened, you can see the compartment for storing music and books on the other side. The bracket lock secures the seat in its completely open position while not in use.

With its tufted upholstered synthetic leather design, this brown piano bench is suitable not just for use as a piano bench but but as a keyboard bench as well.

Make use of it as your principal guitar stool, keyboard chair, music chair, or musician’s stool for performances.

On Amazon, Griffin piano bench has received almost 5 stars from around 400 customers. As the name says, it is not a genuine leather piano bench, but it comes very close.

The fabric is of the greatest quality in terms of elegance and texture while the frame and legs are constructed entirely of hard wood.

This comfy piano bench has been expanded to allow for two pianists to sit together in a duet configuration. The compartment for storing things is located beneath the seat and is protected by a U-lock.

The locks may also be used to keep the seat open so that you can scrounge. This is so large that it is possible for books and music sheets to get misplaced within.

As would be anticipated from a reputable brand, this bench is backed by a one-year factory guarantee in its whole.

7. Bonnlo Duet Piano Bench

Bonnlo Duet Piano Bench


The Bonnlo Brown Duet Piano Bench is an excellent choice for anybody who need a duet piano bench but does not want to burden their budget with a large purchase. The highly padded folding top sheet is comfortable, and it accommodates two adult pianists.

The upholstery is water- and dust-resistant and it is simple to clean and keep in good condition. According to the instruction booklet, you should wipe it down with a moist cloth to make it easier to clean.

This piano bench also has an enormous compartment for storing things and when you open your it, you have practically complete access to a storage cabinet, which is ideal for keeping books and music sheets.

Despite the fact that the legs are constructed of a high-quality wood, the design is sturdy. The maker states that the product has a load capacity of 440 pounds, which is rather remarkable!

A simple design element, such as rubber feet to prevent the legs from damaging the floor or slipping, elevates this piece to a fantastic purchase.

Large piano chairs are often difficult to assemble, but the Bonnlo Duet piano chair is straightforward to put together and, what’s more, the purchase includes all of the tools you’ll need when assembling it. Attach the top of this chair and the legs easily and you’re ready to perform as a duo!

It is a water- and dust-resistant fabric that can be cleaned with a moist cloth with relative ease. Its warranty policy covers free repair of installation difficulties, damage, and missing components for the first year after the purchase of the product. You have one month to swap and get a refund.

8. French Neoclassical Louis XVI Piano Bench

French Neoclassical Louis XVI Piano Bench


This is a piano bench with subtle grooves and tapering legs joined by stretchers, this attractive mid-century Louis XVI Piano Bench in contemporary neoclassical design is a beautiful addition to any room.

It has an elegance and nostalgic feel about it, and it was first created in France in 1940s. As a result of its age, it may be beginning to exhibit symptoms of wear and may need to be replaced

It was most recently listed for sale on the 1ST DIBS website, and who wouldn’t want to be the first to get their hands on it?


Choosing between single-layer and double-layer toilet paper is an important decision when purchasing a roll of toilet paper. When buying a piano bench, there are an overwhelming number of various alternatives to choose from.

The Yamaha PKBB1 adjustable seat was a no-brainer in terms of comfort for us. Despite the fact that it is a piano bench that can be adjusted, it performs the same on stage as it does at home.

When kept immobile in a single position with a single height setting, it operates similarly to a traditional piano bench. It is inexpensive, which implies that it is ideal for those with a wide range of financial circumstances.

The Yamaha emblem indicates that the product has been built to a high standard of quality and that it is always guaranteed in the case of a delivery fault. The fact of the matter is that it’s a comfy piano chair that gives you the impression of solidity.

Most of the items on the list of things that make the best piano bench for bad backs will be checked off by the Yamaha PKBB1. Because you have the buyer’s discretion, you are quite fortunate. Good luck and happy searching.

I hope you find the appropriate chair for your piano and that you have a lot of fun playing pleasant melodies with a grin on your face!



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