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7 Best Piano Chairs with Back Support

best piano chair with back support

Read this guide to find the best piano chair with back support.

A best piano chair with back support is often overlooked by people seeking to purchase a piano bench. Piano chair is a need for everyone who wants to learn how to play the piano. You can not only improve your posture while playing, but you can also have a more pleasurable time doing it.

It may look like a simple job but if you visit several websites, you’ll discover that there are practically hundreds of piano benches/chairs to choose from.

There is a lot to consider, even if you already have a piano bench to replace. Many individuals end up regretting their decision to purchase an inexpensive piano bench because of this.

Choosing the proper seat is critical so as to avoid making the same mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro pianist when it comes to comfort and posture.

It’s essential to play a keyboard or piano in the proper posture when you’re starting to learn so as to prevent back injuries and the pains associated to it. Advanced pianists, particularly those who put in long hours of practice, face the same issue.

I’ve compiled a list of the seven best piano chairs with back support that are currently available to assist you in making an informed decision.

7 Best Piano Chairs with Back Support

1. Yamaha PKBB1


I’d like to introduce you to Yamaha’s well-known piano bench, which has considerable esteem among piano enthusiasts. The Yamaha PKBB1 is a foldable and portable piano bench with a small footprint.

Assembling the chair is a breeze, and the height can be modified from 18 inches to 21 inches, allowing it to be used by a wide variety of individuals. For long periods of time, you may sit comfortably on this chair since it is well-padded.

With its X-like steel construction design, this best piano chair with back support is built to last a long time. Because of its tiny dimensions of about 17 inches and long by 12 inches broad, this bench may be considered too small by some pianists.

Overall, the Yamaha PKBB1 is a cheap piano chair of high-quality that is ideal for pianists with little room.

2. SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench


Let’s see another amazing piano bench now. If you are looking for a piano chair of very high quality that can be used by one person, go no further than SONGMICS Padded Wooden Bench.

It is among the comfortable piano chairs that are available today thanks to its attractive design that features six ornamental knobs and generous cushioning.

The piano comes in black & white colors so you can choose your own color scheme. Because it comes with a storage compartment beneath its seat, this bench is ideal for storing CDs and other items.

At first look, it may seem that the adjustable height can only be set at a fixed height. Rubber pads on the legs avoid it from slipping and damaging the floor.

Most of the features as you would expect, makes this chair costly, thus when you compare with the rest of the piano chairs, it’s very expensive.

A top-notch piano bench, the SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench is highly recommended to everyone with the financial means to purchase one.

3. On Stage KT7800 PLUS


Piano benches of this caliber are hard to come by, but  On Stage KT7800 PLUS is one of them.

This piano chair is foldable making it convenient to store or transport and is also small and light. The KT7800 PLUS is comfortable to use for lengthy periods of time thanks to its big pad.

This best piano chair with back support is easier when assembling and use and also the height may be adjusted to suit the player. The adjustment can be done in a range of 19 to 25 inches.

It’s a solid and durable product and it’s much more valued because of its high quality. This piano chair features a deep, rich black color  which looks great in any setting. The storage compartment cannot be utilized due to the Xstyle’s small size and design.

As a result, you may want to have a look at the other alternatives on this page if you need piano chair with a storage compartment. The On Stage KT7800 PLUS piano bench will be a great value for your money.

4. Yaheetech Piano Bench


Duets are piano chairs that accommodates two pianists, and the Yaheetech Piano Chair is among them. This best piano chair with back support measures 13.8’’ wide and 29.7 inches long meaning two individuals can sit comfortably on this chair. There is also a storage compartment located under the lid where you can keep your tiny goods.

An elegant black design of the Yaheetech Piano Bench matches the décor and adds sophistication to the area where it is placed.

A synthetic leather upholstery that is simple to maintain and cushioned make this chair exceptionally pleasant to sit on even though it may get too hot sometimes.

This bench’s greatest selling point is the very cheap price it charges for the kind of service it provides. There are several advantages to using the Yaheetech Piano Bench for both piano instructors and skilled musicians who often perform duets.

5. RockJam KB100


It goes without saying that the RockJam KB100 is an excellent choice if you’re just starting out and searching for a piano bench that will join the list of tour beginner instruments.

This inexpensive piano chair has all the things you could possibly desire while not breaking the budget.

It has an adjustable top so that it can accommodate persons with different heights, and a folding design that enables you to take it with you anywhere you go or keep it without problems of needing an extra space.

RockJam KB100 allows you to adjust its height four times depending on your needs with the help of a large knob that is conveniently located on the side of the unit.

It has good construction quality because it is built of steel that ensures it stays put for many years. While some people claim that synthetic leather cushion pads are nice for the body, others claim that they may get rather heated after use.

The bench’s legs are made of rubber, which helps to keep the bench securely in place as you play. For those seeking a best piano chair with back support that won’t break the budget, the RockJam KB100 is an excellent choice.

6. Neewer NW-007


The possibilities of the Neewer NW-007 may be enjoyed to a greater extent by more experienced pianists. This piano bench is of exceptional quality, and you can adjust the height of the bench with the aid of turning knob on the aspect, ranging from 18.89 ‘‘to 21.65 ‘‘.

It is made of tough rubber wood and strong metal, which ensures that it is of high-quality construction and durability. Furthermore, it is quite comfortable due to the presence of a padding that is made of PU leather.

Although it may take some time to assemble it, you will not need any more equipment other than the wrench that comes with it. A storage pocket integrated into the underside of the lid enables you to conveniently store and reach whatever you need.

It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it a welcome addition to any room. As a whole, the Neewer NW007 is priced in the mid-range, making it a good choice for experienced pianists who want to get the most out of their training sessions.

7. Greenpro Adjustable X-Style Piano Bench


If you want to play the piano with your kids, then Greenpro’s XStyle Adjustable Piano Bench is worth a look. This is a piano bench that is suitable for youngsters, with a 15-inch height range.

The height can be adjusted to accommodate adults, so it isn’t necessary to keep it at the low setting indefinitely. Because it folds up, this piano bench is lightweight and portable.

Cushioned and coated in synthetic leather, the seat is designed to allow you to practice in comfort. The quality of the construction is likewise high, assuring long-term use.

The nicest part about this piano chair is its price which is incredibly reasonable for what it delivers, making it a fantastic alternative for parents on a smaller budget. However, this best piano chair with back support may be a touch unsteady, therefore we suggest putting it on a carpet.

In general, the Greenpro XStyle Adjustable Piano Bench is an inexpensive alternative for anyone who may share pianos with students.

How to Choose a Piano Bench

The Bench’s construction

This is the first thing that should be considered. Take note of how the seat is constructed by the maker from the bottom of the seat to the feet by beginning with the padding.

Genuine leather is often used by the majority of manufacturers to enhance player comfort during play time. Another reason they use Leather is because it is also a long-lasting material as it is not prone to tearing and simple to clean and maintain.

The legs must be able to hold the weight of the pianists without bending or breaking. It makes no difference whether the producer use steel or timber. You should be able to continue as long as your legs do not shake.

Rubber inserts are necessary on the bench’s foot to prevent the bench from slipping. Using them will lessen the friction and squeaky noise that occurs when you move the chair.

You do not want to scratch the floor particularly around the place where you spend the most of your time with the keyboard or piano.

Extra storage

In order to improve your performing experience as a musician, you’ll constantly want more accessories and resources. Maintaining their security and making them easily accessible when you need them is quite critical.

Therefore, you should choose the best piano chair with back support that has additional storage capacity to accommodate all of these products.

In case you have a separate cabinet where you can keep them, you may not need a bench that has a storage compartment in the first place.  It is possible that you will have to pay extra money in order to have this option.

Height adjustability

This function is not available on all piano benches. If you’re the only one who wants to use the bench, that’s great with me. However, if you own a music school or have a large number of piano players in your household, investing in a height-adjustable piano bench is the best option.

This is because the piano bench will accommodate persons of varying heights, allowing them to have a pleasant experience while playing this piano.

The majority of piano benches have a maximum height adjustment range of ten centimeters. So, you have a wide range of possibilities from which to choose the one that best meets your requirements.


While it may not be a major worry for the majority of musicians, it is something that should not be overlooked by stage pianists and music instructors at the higher level.

The magic of your piano should be reflected in the contour of your piano bench. To provide you an example, in the event that your grand piano’s finish is black, purchasing a black piano bench would be a fantastic selection. It will improve the overall aesthetic of the installation.


This should be the number one priority for every music artist or pianist who always travels. Some piano benches are lightweight and can be folded making them convenient to transport.

The fact that the piano bench is portable does not rule out the possibility that it will not be able to hold the weight of the pianist. When you sit on it, it should be firm and sturdy.

The cost

Last but not least, the cost of a piano bench should be taken into consideration. Even if you don’t want to spend additional money on a piano bench, you should consider it. The reason for this is that decent piano benches at a lower price point may be purchased.

Prioritize the first five points in this guide instead of concentrating on the price. Afterwards, take a closer look at the other features that are available.


Purchasing the first bench you come across at the shop isn’t enough because that might turn out to be a terrible choice because the construction of piano benches is similar, although they are distinct from one another.

So, spend some time looking at each of the features and perks of the piano benches available and then choose a piano that satisfies the pianist’s fundamental requirements.

There are seven distinct piano benches in this collection, as you may have observed. Despite the fact that these benches are of exceptional quality, the issue that persists is “How can I select the best piano chair with back support that’s just right for me? ”

The truth is, it’s not a challenge since all you have to do is keep an eye on very few things. The first thing to ask is whether or not you intend to relocate the piano bench. Next, look for a model that’s easy to transport and doesn’t weigh much. This may be impossible to transport otherwise.

Another issue to consider is whether you like to play the piano by yourself or with other people. We propose utilizing a piano bench for two persons if you are the type that loves playing with other people.

Additionally, it is important to take into account your weight and height while purchasing a piano bench. If many people are utilizing the piano at the same time, particularly if children are involved, things may become a little tricky.

A bench with adjustable height is the only answer to this issue. Since a piano bench is a piece of furniture, you may wish to customize it to go in with the rest of the space.

Piano benches are essential and should be purchased as soon as possible. It is my sincere hope that this guide of the seven best piano chairs with back support may assist you in your search for a piano chair.

When you are playing a piano, it’s critical that you remain calm and comfortable because if you don’t, you’ll be exhausted in no time.

Because of this, majority of the pianists love sitting down when performing or playing. For your first-time piano chair, you will have to choose from a wide range of options and your final decision will be influenced by the different aspects discussed in this guide.

Musicians who like to sit have the option to buy piano stools, seats, and benches. Piano seats and stools are cheaper than the piano benches even though the later offers several benefits such as comfort.

The chair can wreak havoc and that is why beginners should sit upright when playing. That’s not an option, particularly if the chair’s height is fixed. The piano bench overcomes all of these issues. Playability improves even if you sit for a long period.


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