13 Best Weighted Key Digital Piano for Beginners

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best weighted key digital piano for beginners

In this guide, you will find the 13 best weighted key digital piano for beginners you are looking for.

A realistic and genuine feeling is achieved by using weighted keys on your keyboard or digital piano. The piano keys that are not weighted are quite different from the keys on an acoustic piano. The key is either “off” or “on” exactly like a sound, depending on how it is pressed.

You may select between playing gently and playing strongly by using the weighted keys on your keyboard. The force with which you press a key has a significant impact the speed of sound in most cases.

Introducing the best weighted key digital piano for beginners, this article examines several of the best instruments available for anyone looking for a piano to start learning how to play.

In the market of Keyboards and digital pianos, there are fewer keyboards as compared to digital pianos with weighted keys. Digital pianos are often created as alternatives to acoustic pianos which mean the sounds they produce are accurate, authentic to acoustic pianos.

When it comes to sounds, the keyboard is primarily focused on delivering a diverse variety of options, some of which are synthetic in nature. Keyboards also have keys that are less than a full-fledged digital piano with 88 keys.

13 Best Weighted Key Digital Piano for Beginners

1. Yamaha P-125

Yamaha P-125


Yamaha electronic pianos have long been a popular alternative for those who want digital keyboards with full-length, weighted keys. In particular, the Yamaha P125 has a weighted key action that is one of its most compelling selling qualities.

On top of that, each key is weighted differently, with the lower keys being heavier and the upper ones being lighter. This is done in order to replicate the feel of a genuine piano.

The Pure CF sound engine in this best weighted key digital piano for beginners contains samples of Yamaha grand piano that can be played in deferent speeds to produces sounds of acoustic piano. It also enhances the aural experience of the instrument.

Using digital features, you may link the keyboard to external music devices and music software using audio or MIDI cables.

You may divide this keyboard into two parts if you want to play any of the 24 notes available. You can also connect the P125 with pedal unites and headphones whenever you need them.

The rated power for this digital keyboard is 14W and is sufficient for practicing at home. It is however advised that it be connected for additional amplification for band and concert playing.

2. Yamaha DGX-660

Yamaha DGX-660


The DGX-660 is another instrument from Yamaha with weighted keys and is also a testimony of the company’s diverse options. Since this keyboard is more costly and heavier than other Yamaha electronic pianos, it is not recommended for anyone who wants a digital piano that is portable.

If you are in need of a keyboard that will be a permanent feature and part of the music library in your house, this is a smart and high tech choice.

Yamaha’s sound engine which has samples of concert pianos is also used in this keyboard which has lower keys having more weight than the upper keys.

You can also import MIDI tunes and convert them to notation on the DGX660, making it much easier to learn new songs.

A 6-channel recorder and a digital mixer allow you to layer numerous sounds and test your creations. In addition, Yamaha’s “Piano Room” enables you to listen and customize a variety of piano samples and acoustics.

3. Korg B1

Korg B1


Korg is the most well-known manufacturer of synthesizers. They have currently increased their product line and varieties to include guitar tuners and digital pianos. The B1 is a well-known weighted-key digital piano model.

“Natural hammer” refers to the weight of the key, which is intended to be genuine enough that it seems as if you are playing an acoustic piano.

Do you want to bring the joy of playing the piano to your house? Are you looking for an instrument that is reliable and accurate? Are you looking for a handy keyboard for piano lessons?

The tiny, budget-friendly Korg B1 digital piano is the best weighted key digital piano for beginners and is unquestionably the ideal choice for you if you want to learn to play piano.

Because the design is simple and modest, there are fewer control interfaces; it’s a suitable digital piano for piano students who do not want to get bogged down in the details of the instrument.

This instrument has eight distinct sample piano sounds to choose from or mixed with the built-in effects to produce sound that best suits your preferences and needs.

4. Casio Privia PX-160

Casio Privia PX-160


Another brand which manufactures digital pianos and keyboards is the Casio. The Privia models they manufacture for instance have had a lot of success in the piano market.

Casio Privia PX-160 is one of the best weighted key digital pianos for beginners on the market today. It is equipped with all of the connection function and technology a pianist need.

This piano has 18 piano sound samples with “pure” qualities or functions in order to increase the sound and resonance as much as possible in the instrument.

When you play softer and harder, the keys with a weighted hammer action will activate multi-speed sounds, enabling you to create more intricate melodies with greater satisfaction.

The sound is enhanced with the use of effects such as chorus and reverb. Because they are built-in, there is no need to connect any external effects devices.

It may also be used with external speakers or other public address systems through the output line, but the overall speaker power of 16W and reasonable clarity make it ideal for home practice.

You may also use it as a MIDI controller for your music program by connecting it to your computer through USB.

5. Medeli SP4200

Medeli SP4200


Even though Medeli is a new manufacturer with less experience than the other alternatives on our list, it produces a high-quality digital piano with 88 full-sized keys and a slew of unique features not available in other electronic pianos.

The SP4200 has the appearance of both a digital piano and a keyboard. Most likely, the finest full-size keyboard would be a more appropriate description.

Playing with hammer action and the weighted keys simulates the experience of playing an acoustic piano, but the voice and technological aspects are more like those of a digital keyboard.

With incredible 600 voices available, you can open up a whole new numerous possibilities and create and play unique, new sounds.

It also supports 128-note polyphony so you won’t lose sound when playing melodies that are complex on your instrument. The vast variety of possibilities is concluded with 230 different styles of accompaniment.

The entire guitar mode was created to emulate the sound of acoustic guitar chords and pulls.

Medeli SP4200 allows you to easily record performance to your USB storage using a USB host. This is a one of the capabilities not available on other digital pianos.

This is also an economical product; you can get it at just a smaller price percentage of the major versions. Sounds and speakers are not however as excellent those premium models.

6. Yamaha Arius YDP-163

Yamaha Arius YDP-163


The number of Yamaha models available on the market is huge because Yamaha is well-established, and it offers a variety of pianos at a variety of pricing range.

Yamaha Arius YDP163 is one of the most costly devices in the company’s lineup but it is well worth the money spent on it. This best weighted key digital piano for beginners is designed to be as close as possible to acoustic piano while still providing subtleties and features in the way it is played.

The weighted key 3-sensor system detects how strongly the keys are pushed, giving the keyboard the sense of an acoustic piano while playing.

It has pedals inbuilt, including a ‘half-damper’ pedal which gives subtle variations and adds more control to the player. Control is one of the key features of the Arius.

Like many of the other Yamaha pianos, this has the ‘Pure CF’ sound system which samples audio in a high quality and accurate way to recreate the feel of an acoustic piano.

Like some of the pianos with a more modern feel, this has a built-in record option so you can track your playing and listen back to it after. There are also a number of classical songs built in for playing along and learning.

7. The ONE Smart Piano

The ONE Smart Piano


ONE is a unique product in comparison to other similar items. Although you may not have come across the term “smart piano” very frequently, it is a high-tech instrument with incredible capabilities.

Because the ONE digital pianos are meant to improve the way people play the piano, the majority of ONE reviews and customer feedback are quite good.

They are considered to be among the finest digital pianos for beginners and those beginning to learn to play the piano.

This piano comes with free software which has free piano games, videos and lessons that you can use to enhance your abilities. This app is compatible with both tablets and mobile phones.

There will be no compatibility concerns regardless of whether you are using Android or iOS.

Playing of the keyboard is directed or guided via a mechanism of illumination that discloses the notes you need to play. The ONE is intended to serve as a teaching tool in addition to being an instrument.

ONE isn’t a small, cheap product; it’s a super piano with a body made of quality materials, a full-set piano, a pleasant sound machine, and hammer action keys that are weighted among other features.

Being a professional pianist, you won’t need many of the features; but, if you’re looking for a good amateur electronic piano to assess your craft, this is the one you’ve been seeking.

8. Roland FP-30

Roland FP-30


Roland FP-30 is another musical brand to add to your collection. The Product lines from Roland often appear on stages all over the globe.

The company manufactures a variety of digital pianos that are portable and keyboards; among them is the 88-key FP-30 model that is ideal for travelling performers.

This best weighted key digital piano for beginners produces tones that are precise and realistic. It has a multi-sampled “supernatural” sound engine, which allows you to have complete control over the touch sensitivity and tone that is produced by a hammer motion, which gives the keys a realistic sensation.

The most recent addition is a Bluetooth connection, which can be used to connect to a range of programs for learning the piano as well as recording songs during play.

Furthermore, since it makes use of a pedal with a non-slip rubber cushion, it is portable and can be taken anywhere.

They are often marketed and sold as a package, which includes a seat, headphones, AUX cables, and pedals. The software comes with a free mount, which allows you to use the app while playing with your iPad, tablet or phone.

9. Kawai ES110

Kawai ES110


Another excellent alternative for band and stage rehearsals is the Kawai ES110. It might be tough to find a product that not only sounds excellent, but is also lightweight and portable. However, ES110 is an instrument that does not lack functionality.

The quality of the sound this piano produces is decent, albeit not as good as the 80-pound or 90-pound piano models, but there are numerous piano tones that are clear and accessible on stage. It has 19 tones in total, eight of which are sampled from grand pianos using a sampling method that is based on imaging sound technology to allow the piano produce an accurate piano sound.

There isn’t as much detail in the full weighted 88keys like in other piano models. Even if the hammer performs well, it is not as reliable and nuanced as a high-end piano.

This piano comes with a stage stands, benches, damper pedals, and music rests. Also included in this package are some fantastic headphones.

There may be a better alternative than Kawai if you want a digital piano that will stay in your home all the time; nevertheless, in terms of portability, Kawai is second to none. It also comes with a 3-year guarantee to ensure that your investment is protected.

10. Lagrima LG-8830

Lagrima LG-8830


There are many different types of digital pianos available but this is an affordable best weighted key digital piano for beginners available today.

When it comes to purchasing a keyboard or a digital piano, everyone has a different budget in mind. If you are unable to spend a large sum of money, this will not prohibit you from purchasing a great piano which has keys that are weighted.

The most significant compromise associated with lower costs is the quality of sound. The piano tones don’t produce professional piano sound like the Yamaha and Casio and models listed here.

There are more features that will make you love this piano. For instance it comes with 3 pedals that are built-in, a screen, and an amazing 960 different tones to choose from.

There are certain things you wouldn’t anticipate at this pricing range, like options for playback and recording, metronome, and learning modes.

The Lagrima LG8830 may be used as a controller for USB and MIDI apps, allowing you to play sequences or virtual instruments on your computer with ease.

11. Roland RD-64

Roland RD-64


The Roland RD64 is a compact piano that weighs 13 kg and designed to comfortably fit the backseat of every automobile.

This best weighted key digital piano for beginners, like other Roland’s pianos, is powered by the SuperNATURAL sound engine, which produces an incredible, deep sound with non-piano realism and tone. Clavinet and organ sounds are part of the twelve tones included in this instrument.

Weighted keys that are both responsive and accurate are always not part of instruments of this size. The INTEGRA 7 modular system allows you to channel built-in effects like EQ and reverb and sounds of the Roland’s Jupiter 50 and 80 synthesizers.

Starting out on this weighted piano is really simple and the range of tones makes it a fantastic weighted keyboard for piano students.

12. Nord Stage 3 HP76

Nord Stage 3 HP76


In the event that you have a large amount of money to spend on a keyboard, the Nord variety may provide you with a number of quite enticing choices.  The Nord Stage 3 HP76 is one of the most remarkable weighted keyboards available on the market today.

No other item on this list offers such a diverse range of sounds as this digital piano. The Nord provides access to a sound editor that takes sound design into mind, as well as 2GB of sounds to begin with. There are three one-of-a-kind sound engines that are responsible for all of those alternatives.

It is the weighted hammer keyboard that provides a genuine playing experience. In addition, the Nord comes with a high-quality stand that is ideal for stage setup, as well as KRK headphones for quiet practice.

The Nord Stage 3 HP76 is the most affordable 76-keyweight keyboard on the market today.

13. Korg SV-1

Korg SV-1


Korg SV-1 is expensive but it is a stage keyboard with a broad range of sounds and a weighted key action.  The SV1 do not have LCD screen display but it includes many sounds, presets, and built-in effects like chorus and reverb.

Gain and cab modeling may be used to reproduce the sound of a famous amp and add extra depth to your sound. According to reviews and customer feedback, the RH3 weighted key action is the greatest you can find on a stage piano. The Korg SV1 is a nice and realistic keyboard for its size.

Frequently Asked Questions On Weighted Keyboards and Digital Pianos

What are Weighted Keys?

When it comes to weighted keys, resistance is king. To simulate the motion of a grand or acoustic piano, these keys are meant to be heavier to play than non-weighted ones.

It also implies that the more and harder you push, the more accurate the sound and feel of the sampled piano will be.

What are Semi-Weighted Keys?

You may come across the phrases “full weight keyboard” and “half weight keyboard” when doing your search. The half-weighted option is spring-loaded like the synthesizer keys and keyboards that are not weighted.

There is, however, little resistance. What this means is that the sound is more muffled if you don’t push it hard enough, and that it doesn’t return to its former position instantly.

In comparison to an un-weighted keyboard that seems like a flimsy piano, this feels more like a piano.

What is “Hammer Action”?

Although the word “hammer action” may conjure up images of a popular film genre, it really refers to a kind of music.

Acoustic pianos have a mini-hammer installed near the keys to generate resistance when they are pushed, which is why this phrase was coined.

This keyboard does not employ springs to “bounce” after each key is pressed, unlike some other keyboards.

Do I Need a Full Size Keyboard or Digital Piano?

Whether you want a full-sized keyboard or digital piano is an important consideration when shopping for one. A complete 88-key digital piano has no significant drawbacks if it is going to be stationary and stored in a single location in your house.

However, if you’re on the go and in need of a lightweight solution, you can get but without certain buttons.

It’s very uncommon to use as little as 60 keys for pop and rock tunes; yet, for more challenging genres like as jazz and classical, you may require all 88 keys.


Many choices are accessible to you as you have seen in our list. It’s impossible to find two keyboard or digital pianos that sound exactly the same because every one of them has a unique set of features.

Whether you’re searching for a digital piano for beginners or a more advanced musician, your choice is influenced by a variety of factors, including the number of tones and sounds you need, the available space, and how much expertise you have with playing the piano.

On our selection of the best weighted key digital piano for beginners, there’s something for everyone. Reading the purchase guide might assist you in determining which one is best for you.

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