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7 Best Keyboards That Teaches You To Play

This article will guide you to find the seven best keyboard that teaches you to play. 

The method through which we learn to play the piano has evolved over the years! Learning to play the piano included taking lessons and purchasing books in order to advance.

We or our children continue to do so, and it is still the most effective method of learning. You may learn a great deal on your own, but there is nothing better than having a teacher at your side to help you through your learning process.

However, with the advancement of internet technology and the introduction of smart devices in recent years, websites and new applications are beginning to arise that enable you to grow a bit more quickly by studying on your own or attending courses.

Don’t you wish that the piano itself has a built-in learning function?

This is a dream come true in terms of technology! There are several possibilities available to you in the digital age if you’re seeking for a keyboard that will teach you how to play.

What’s the deal with learning to play the piano on a machine? Yes, there is such a thing. A complete list of them, as well as what they perform, may be found here!

It is possible to choose a backlit piano to lead you to the correct notes, or you may select a backlit piano that is directly above the keyboard, such as the ONE Smart Piano. Learning to play the piano with the help of the

It’s like playing a game with a backlit keyboard, and every time you play, you’ll want to perform better and push yourself more than you have in the past.

Which is the keyboard that teaches you to play?

From a full-size 88-key piano like the ONE Smart Piano to a compact yet powerful learning keyboard like the Casio LK250, there are a variety of options available.

This article will assist you in identifying the one that is most appropriate for you or your kid.

Are keyboard that teaches you to play good for learning?

Yes. They are excellent for new beginners (both adults and children). When learning to play the piano, one of the most important things to learn is where each note is and when to play it.

Consider the following scenario: The instructor instructs you on how to reach the right notes in conventional piano instruction. A backlit keyboard or piano leads you back into the light while you are using the instrument in backlight mode.

As for how to sit on the piano or place your fingers on the keys we will not teach you how to do so; nonetheless, several learning applications illustrate these abilities.

They are all accompanied with an associated app that will guide you step-by-step and assist you in your development. They contain entertaining games and workouts that will even wait for you to hit the correct key when you are finished.

Tracking the light will train your muscle memory, and you will no longer need the light at the conclusion of the game! You have the option of turning on and off the light feature. Most of them even allow you to sign up for an account!

Continue reading to discover the best keyboards that teaches you to play and what they have to offer in terms of features.

Our Top Choices

If you’re in a rush and you’re searching for the best keyboard that teaches you to play, have a look at the ONE Smart Piano from Yamaha. If you prefer a less expensive and more portable keyboard, you may go for the greatest keyboard available, the Casio LK265. The integration of Casio’s fantastic teaching software, Chordana Play, was the primary reason for selecting the company’s products.

It also allows for integration with educational programs for tablets and smartphones, as well as with desktop computers. Here are the best choices, each of which is detailed in further depth further down the page.

The following are the best keyboards that teaches you to play that you can get right now.

The Best Keyboard That Teaches You To Play

1. The One Smart Piano


The ONE Smart Piano is a gorgeous and high-quality 88-keyweight piano with a weighted keyboard. It is an interesting name, not one I or you would have even chosen but that’s what they came up with.

When it comes to digital pianos, this one stands out since it has the most up-to-date electronic learning capabilities while maintaining the appearance and feel of a regular acoustic piano in its design.

This is the only keyboard that teaches you to play on the list that is really a “upright” piano in the traditional sense.

Personally, as a music educator, I advise both children and adults to begin studying music in the appropriate manner.

But keep in mind that this is a costly piano, as well as pricey furnishings. So if you’re seeking for something that will last a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place—and you’ve found a high-quality, great-sounding piano in the process.

If that’s what you’re looking for to begin started, check out this page for some more affordable keyboard possibilities. Our goal is for pupils to be exposed to 88 keys as well as the weighted hammer movement of the keys.

This digital piano has all of these functions, as well as an interactive learning system and other smart features, making it a great value.

When searching for a piano that will take you or your kid from a beginner to an intermediate level, this is an excellent option since it is as similar to an acoustic piano as possible.

ONE smart piano is a  88-key weighted digital piano with grand grade hammer action keys and also an  upright piano in matte black finish of the best quality with A1 key feel, weight, and sound quality.

Modern Digital Learning Features

This keyboard that teaches you to play provides you with full access to mobile applications for tablets and smartphones when you make an investment.

This app contains a wealth of learning resources that work in conjunction with the piano lights to direct you to the correct notes.

From the very beginning to the very end, we provide step-by-step video lessons. There is also a large selection of sheet music to pick from. Some games are essential for both children and adults to play and learn from.

The game assigns a percentage to your performance, and it’s difficult not to push yourself to improve your score or challenge someone who is studying with you/

Beginner pianists must learn which notes are which, and these games make learning to play the piano a lot of fun. Keep in mind that all workouts are just that: exercises.

My Cousin is looking for piano lessons and has purchased a piano for his 7-year-old daughter’s Christmas present. She said that her whole family is now practicing on a daily basis simply because learning on this piano is so much joy.

Her kid is now able to read basic notes even when the piano lights are off. There is even a competition between her and her 11 years old younger brother to see who can score the most points in the game.

Their mother says it is always difficult to get them off the piano. And I think that is a wonderful, positive complaint.

88-Key Weighted keyboard that teaches you to play comes with Matte Black Keys, High-End Hammer-Action Upright Piano with Matte Black Keys and 1 Smart Piano.

Mr. Lang Lang, the world’s renowned concert pianist who is also a staunch advocate of music education has invested in the company as a strategic partner.

He features in a number of the video lessons that come with the program. Imagine being able to tell your students that your teacher’s name is Lang Lang.

In the videos, you will be able to watch how Lang Lang teaches proper hand position and posture on the ONE Smart Piano.

Light Up Keys

This piano works in conjunction with a companion app, which includes LED lights immediately above the keys to direct you to the correct notes while playing.

Before continuing, he asks you to locate a piece of paper. After a while, it’s tempting to divulge the whole key, but often a more subtle suggestion is preferable.

The LEDs on this keyboard that teaches you to play are situated above the keys, which in my view makes it much more visually appealing.

The key itself is not illuminated, but the key for playing is illuminated right above it. It also has three pedals and a whole wood body, which gives it a genuine piano feel.

This is a true digital piano with gorgeous furnishings to complement it. You may learn by looking at the on-screen keyboard or by looking at the notes that show you which key to press.

Built In Metronome

My mother’s vintage clockwork metronome is still in my possession and my small kid utilizes it to practice and retain a flawless sense of time and place.

This keyboard that teaches you to play, like the majority of current digital pianos, features a built-in metronome that is similar to a ticking sound at a specified rate.

Real Piano Feel

88 hammer-action keys, equivalent to a full-size piano, give this digital piano the hammer-action sensation of classic acoustic pianos while maintaining its portability.

In addition, the piano features three foot pedals, much as a regular piano would have. If you are serious about learning to play the piano, you must consider the following factors.

The art of hammering teaches you the proper touch methods for creating dynamics and sound effects from the very beginning.

The pedal also contributes to the creation of dynamics and sound control. It takes a lot of work to become proficient at pedaling the piano. It’s no surprise that I suggest this approach as a music educator!

In other words, if you’re looking for an instrument that will operate well in the future with no need for modifications, go no farther than the ONE Smart Digital Piano, which has both conventional and digital capabilities. The sounds of the piano are lovely, and there is a wide selection of guitar tones to pick from.

Create rhythmic pop tunes or perform classical pieces on a conventional piano with authentic piano tones. The options are almost limitless. The capacity of this piano to attract children and motivate them to “want to learn” has been lauded in several reviews.

It is beneficial for adults since it allows you to study at your own speed, and most all, it are enjoyable to learn.

This piano will help you to go further on your piano journey and is appropriate for both beginners and expert players.

2. The ONE Music Group Portable Digital Piano (TON1B)


88 hammer action keys, as well as all of the newest digital features from prior versions, are included in The ONE Music Group Portable Digital Piano. Although there is no pedal, there is a pedal input that allows you to attach an external pedal.

It boasts 88 fully weighted keys and a slew of innovative features to keep you entertained. Just as in the piano version, LED lights direct pupils to the right notes as they play.

In addition to lighted sheet music and integrated video instructions, it includes piano games and intense courses as well as a range of learning elements.

Among its many features are 128-times note polyphony, a variety of instruments & tones, and very good sound quality.

This keyboard from The One is quite similar to the piano that was covered before in this article. The distinction is that they are lightweight and portable.

3. The One Smart Keyboard


The keys of this keyboard that teaches you to play will turn on and you will have access to the learning software once it is connected to your tablet or smartphone.

The key has a touch-sensitive surface. In other words, it reacts to how hard you push the button. This feature attempts to imitate the motion of a hammer, which in my view is incomparably superior than any other kind of action.

I no longer find this touch function bothersome, and I prefer to turn it off every time. In all, it weighs only 11 pounds. You will need to buy this individually.

The The One Smart Keyboard is ideal for those just getting started with keyboarding or for those looking for a keyboard that’s easy to carry about. Those aspiring to higher positions will eventually be required to possess a total of 88 keys.

4. The Yamaha Ez-220 61


Learning Features

Built-in wireless connection to the free Page Turner iPad app, illuminated keys, and 100 song presets with digital scores makes the Yamaha EZ220 an ideal performance learning keyboard.

Music programs can be run on your computer through the USB port and also all sorts of instruments may be played with 392 voices.

Even more options to learn how to play may be found in the integrated Education Suite as well as a virtual band of one hundred genres always ready to play with you.

The instrument comes with a plethora of beneficial learning aids, allowing you to both study and perform. Y.E.S helps you to learn how to play a song in a few easy steps.

It is possible to execute each lesson using either the left or right hand. Press the “Start” button on the keyboard to begin playing one of the 100 built-in tunes.  Pressing the chosen key initiates a delay in typing until you release the selected key.

5. Casio LK-250


A stand and headphones are included in this Casio LK-250’s premium bundle. Over 100 tunes are pre-programmed into the lighting system, which has 61 touch keys.

Page Turner, an iPad app with pre-programmed music, can also be accessed through a wireless connection.

Learning Features

You can create music on the go with the ultra-portable LKS250 which also teaches you to play your favorite songs quickly thanks to the 61 full-size touch keys with Casio’s illuminated key technology.

When you use the voice-guided StepUp lesson system, which has 77 accompanying rhythms and 10 varieties of reverb for extra depth, you can hear fantastic sound in seconds.

An EDM track may be easily created and mixed using the Dance Music mode. There are a variety of sounds that may be triggered by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

You may share your music with others through in-built speaker or use headphones to listen privately at any moment by using your preferred device’s 1/8″ input for audio to play along, and a 1/4″ mic input to add your own voice to the mix.

This keyboard also allows you to access Chordana Play app that is free and learn how to play the favorite songs that can be downloaded from MIDI files a process that gives you the ability to take your music to the next level.

The USB connection may be used with PC, Mac, iOS, android, and Mac devices without the need for additional software.

6. Lagrima 61-Key Lighted Keyboard


Lagrima is quickly becoming a well-known name in the world of cheap musical instruments. This is a 61-key model for learning, with keys that light up and guide you through the process of learning to play.

You may play along with 50 demo tracks that have been recorded using the lighted keys, which have 225 tones and 225 rhythms.

First, it leads the student through the process of learning a melody, followed by ‘follow’ and lastly ‘ensemble’, which is the process of putting it all together. The training function is divided into three phases.

The LAGRIMA LAG750 electronic musical keyboard has twin speakers and 61 keys can play 200 tones, 200 rhythms, and 70 demo tracks, among other things. You can even aAdd another six percussion and drum kits to the mix to keep the rhythm going.

This electric piano keyboard is appropriate for people of all ages. It may be used by beginners as well as players of all ability levels, whether they are youngsters or adults, and it produces superb sound.

The keyboard electric piano has a dual power mode that can be transferred via an AC/DC power adapter (included/available in 110V-240V) or a power supply with 4 AA batteries (not included) for use when going out to practice or perform when it is more convenient to do so. This is your musical partner when you are out and about.

The LAGRIMA LAG750 61-key music keyboard is equipped with an audio in/out/mic jack and a USB port (no USB port). Connecting the audio input to other electrical devices allows you to replicate the sound of a variety of different instruments.

The audio output is connected to an external speaker, and the microphone can sing. The large-size digital display is clearer, and you can have a professional concert-like shocking experience at home.

7. The One Piano Hi-Lite


The One Piano Hilite is the first piano learning gadget to provide a simple and intuitive method of learning and playing the piano.

In minutes, it transforms any regular 88-key piano or keyboard into a smart piano that connects with your smart device, allowing you to begin playing right away.

If you have an electronic keyboard or synthesizer and want to learn how to play it, the One Piano HiLite is the right solution for you.

On a normal 88-key piano or keyboard, the Piano HiLite employs sophisticated sensors, LED lights, and Bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize key motions with a smart smartphone.

Once the band has been placed on the piano, link it to a smart device through Bluetooth and choose one of the numerous programs that are available.

It also has free app features, which is a plus. Thousands of sheet music pieces, 100+ video lessons, fast-paced beginning courses, and interactive activities are all accessible via the free app. It is available for both Apple iOS devices and Android smartphones.

With the free The ONE Smart Piano app, you may start with a lesson and learn to sing in minutes, or you can pick an arcade-style scoring game mode to play with your friends. The One Piano HiLite is MIDI compatible, and it may be used with other MIDI-based apps such as Synthesia, Piano Maestro, and Yousician as well as other standalone applications.

Use this guide as your reference when looking for the best keyboard that teaches you to play.

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